Sunday, June 22, 2008

Havin' a Great Summer?

I know I am! I don't have school or homework to keep me away from friends or family.I am excited because my cousin Emma , from California is coming to visit in a few weeks. One thing I already did this summer, was go to Denver,Colorado for a family reunion. It's been two years since I've seen most of the people there,so I didn't know very many.I was happy to see the Cottoms and all the Masons there.I had a blast.Another thing I have done and will be doing more of is swimming.Who doesn't like to swim? (cats don't I believe) I'm not sure what else I'm doing this summer,but I'm sure it's gonna be fun!!


Hopkins said...

Wooo hooo! Go bloggin Annie!!! I am so jealous of your kitties! And I can't wait to see Emma either...Mom said she was getting together more clothes for you! Cousin + Clothes = Love!
Love ya!

Jan said...

It was such fun to see you in Denver -- it always makes me wish so much that somehow you guys could live closer to us!!

Samsillystuff said...

Hey I'm havin a cool summer to! (hey can u spread the word of my blog?)
Thanks for being the first one to look at my blog!:) Well gotta go! SEE YA!

Anonymous said...

ANNIE!!!!!i didnt know you had a blog, and i wanted to make sure you knew i looked at it and i love yoor bakground:) so ill see you in a couple of weeks!! love ya

Ally said...

I'm having a great summer! Yeah I'm pretty sure cats don't like swimming, but I love swimming!